Saturday, August 21, 2010

my home is my workshop

especially at home is where I practice a mindfulness I call sustenance

Although I imagine there are plenty of people out there more sustainable than I, I think all steps are important. (what if everyone was taking more steps?) In the past year my step was the switchover to a non-petroleum based laundry.  I grate ivory soap and add in washing soda and borax. It's very worked well getting clothes clean, however there's no perfume (although you can add essences I am sure). But doesn't everything that hangs out in the sun smell the best anyway?

I think the ivory mixture is also good for stretching dollars. No more big impact on my grocery bill for detergent. Detergent manufacturer's spend a great deal on marketing - which makes it tricky to disconnect. But as we do, they might switch to investing in cleaning up and restoring a healthy planet. 

I'd like the ivory mixture to be more efficient. Right now the product packaging is too small, and I am looking for a better price in bulk.

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