Sunday, August 1, 2010

efficiency is an opportunity

efficiency is an opportunity that is continually available, and it has an interest in our success. To an extent I have practiced this throughout my life, but I experienced it at a higher level while working on the eco New Bedford project.

For sometime now I have recognized the residual of the Victorian Age in our time. For western civilization, this was a powerful age that pushed forward through a number of mindsets. The Victorian Age produced a vast culture. Many those mindsets related to consumerism, dependence, and required excess continued and served the Modern-Technological Age as well. For example, corporations are a Victorian mindset that is firmly with us today, but to thrive many now lead the evolution to efficiency. To be sure, the meaning or use of efficiency changes over time.

efficiency embraces that resources are limited and have value, When working with efficiency I often experience doing unusual things. It is non-conformity with a purpose (doing more with less), and a very creative exercise. For the individual it can be public or private. The appearance and style of efficiency is an aesthetic of simplicity not opulence (surprising often embedded in modernism).

In this blog I want to record the process and effect of choosing efficiency as a path to greater fulfillment and freedom. 

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